Pacific Outdoor Advertising operates over 100 advertising displays including Bulletins, Digital billboards and Wallscapes in the Seattle Metro Market. 

We are proud to offer comprehensive coverage from Snohomish County in the north, through the downtown urban core, to Pierce County (Tacoma) in the south.


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Seattle Demographics

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  • Deliver high frequency and continuity of message through the year
  • Positioned in highly visible, heavy traffic locations including interstates, primary arterials, and major intersections
  • Build reach over an extended period of time
  • Assure dominance in selected areas
  • Premium outdoor product that offers maximum distribution, circulation, and quick visibility
  • Network locations provide continuous exposure
  • No production costs - makes budget planning easier with the ability to react to what works
  • Flexibility and unlimited creative executions

Digital Network

  • Accommodate a wide variety of unusual creative sizes and shapes and deliver larger than life message
  • Tower above the street, creating a spectacular landmark
  • Deliver high frequency for downtown commuters and visitors
  • Penetrate downtown area where other Out of Home coverage is limited or unavailable


1.39 Avg. HH Vehicles

$65,300 - Average HHI

2.89 - Average HH Size

39 Median Age

566,515 Adults

49.87% Women, 50.13% Men

Avg. One Way Commute - 27 Minutes

71% Drive To Work Alone

10% Carpool

414 Stewart St. #204 Seattle, WA 98101

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414 Stewart St. #204 Seattle, WA 98101