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Portland Demographics

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  • Deliver high frequency and continuity of message through the year
  • Positioned in highly visible, heavy traffic locations including interstates, primary arterials, and major intersections
  • Build reach over an extended period of time
  • Assure dominance in selected areas
  • Portland coverage includes airport, downtown, all major interstates and surface streets


  • Target specific audiences demographically and geographically
  • Create rapid top-of-mind awareness, excellent option to market events and major promotions
  • Maximize brand awareness and is ideal for new products or service introductions
  • Total Portland market coverage, including downtown and key suburban areas 
  • Pacific is the exclusive provider of Posters in the Portland Market
  • Premium outdoor product that offers maximum distribution, circulation, and quick visibility
  • Network locations provide continuous exposure
  • No production costs - makes budget planning easier with the ability to react to what works
  • Flexibility and unlimited creative executions
  • Available across Portland metro area including west suburbs and Salem

Digital Billboards

  • Accommodate a wide variety of unusual creative sizes and shapes and deliver larger than life message
  • Tower above the street, creating a spectacular landmark
  • Deliver high frequency for downtown commuters and visitors
  • Penetrate downtown area where other Out of Home coverage is limited or unavailable
  • Primary coverage in downtown Portland


1.98 Avg. HH Vehicles

$72,354 - Average HHI

2.98 - Average HH Size

37.8 Median Age

63% College Educated

51% Women, 49% Men

29.2% Travel 200+ Miles Per Week

90.9% Drive To Work Alone

13.9% Have A 30+ Minute Commute

715 NE Everett St. Portland, OR 97232

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715 NE Everett St. Portland, OR 97232